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Shingai Samudzi
Shingai Samudzi, Co-Founder and CEO at Primal Red (2017-present)
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Quora User, lives in The United States of America
Michael David Cobb Bowen
Michael David Cobb Bowen, Big Brother. Firstborn Son. Father. Boy Scout. Mensch.
Shraddha Uprety
Shraddha Uprety, Dermatologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon at Ak Clinics
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Quora User, Proud African Girl
Jason Ford
Jason Ford, lived in The United States of America
Namira, lives in Neocity
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Quora User, Kpop fan since July 2018
Alexis Cedargren
Alexis Cedargren, Student (2008-present)
Yui Lee
Yui Lee, a 14-year-old with a passion for writing
Lamia Simpson
Sia Walker
Sia Walker, Black Girl in America (2000-present)
Ayana Robertson
Ayana Robertson, Student of Life (1978-present)
Mankomal Kaur
Mankomal Kaur, works at Financial Institutions
Ygor Coelho
Ygor Coelho, Brazilian lawyer, fascinated by world history and cultures.
Torrese Arquee
Torrese Arquee, Been a lifelong sonbrotherfriendstudentlover of Black women
Peter Flom
Peter Flom, I have two kids
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Quora User, I freed myself from baldness after tonnes of research