2020 Super Bowl 54

Super Bowl 54 took place on Sunday February 2nd, with the Kansas City Chiefs playing the San Francisco 49ers. In the end, Kansas defeated the 49ers 31 to 20, making it their first Super Bowl win in 50 years. Super Bowl Insights have been a tradition at Pornhub since 2014, so we once again checked in to see how 2020 stacked up compared to previous years.


2020 College Football Championship

The 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship took place on January 13, 2020 and saw Louisiana’s LSU Tigers beat South Carolina’s Clemson Tigers 42 to 25.

The game began at 8pm Eastern Time, at which point Pornhub’s traffic from Louisiana was down -19% below average, while South Carolina’s was down by -13%.

South Carolina’s traffic slowly recovered during the game, reaching average levels by 11pm. Louisiana state traffic remained far below average, with the biggest drop being by -22% as the game was ending.

Satisfied with their team’s win, Louisiana’s traffic quickly returned to normal, but in the losing state of South Carolina, Pornhub’s traffic surged as high as +22% above average after the game ended.

U.K. General Election 2019

A general election took place in the United Kingdom on December 12, 2019 and saw Boris Johnson’s Conservative party sweep to victory with a majority government. If you’ve read our recent Year in Review you already know that events like elections can have an effect on Pornhub’s traffic anytime people adjust their normal porn viewing cycles. The Daily Star checked in to see how the U.K. election compared.


The 2019 Year in Review

Welcome to Pornhub’s 7th annual Year in Review, where we bring you 2019’s hottest trends, terms, searches, and a recap of everything that happened this year. If you follow our Pornhub Insights blog, you already know that 2019 was a juicy year – jam-packed with celebrities, happenings, and events that influenced how people utilized and enjoyed Pornhub.


Deepthroat & Facesitting: Up Close and Personal

In this edition of Pornhub Insights we’ll be getting up close and personal with two popular face related sex acts: Deepthroat and Facesitting. Pornhub’s statisticians looked at the popularity of each search, and what type of Pornhub visitor is most likely to search for them.


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