I am Danyang Chen and this is my personal website. I am currently a Master’s student in Materials Science and Engineering at Duke University. I am interested in polymer theories and simulations, as well as neural networks, numerical analysis and other fun stuffs. This is kind of like a blog-style website and I am going to publish some interesting findings or study notes here.  The site is based on wordpress and is still in construction. I am trying my best to make the site looks cooler and works better.

Besides wordpress, I have established several sites for different purposes. Some of them are very interesting

  • Birmail: A mail client to connect a mail ended with birfied.com, which is provided by Tencent. The client is based on rainloop
  • Birpy: A online python IDE based on Jupyter Notebook, which is a part of the project of Anaconda. You can run python online or read the learning resources. Matplotlib plots can be used as  embled pictures.
  • Birgit: A self-hosted git service based on Gogs. You can upload your projects or create a repository and share with your friends. It is written in the go language thus it is run on the 3000 port of the server, but you can clone a project on git.birfied.com/yourname/yourproject since a path forwarding of the subdomain is configured.
  • Bircloud: A cloud service based on owncloud. Connection to local disk is available. Online document editting and media playing is available.
  • Birchat: Chat with other users on birfispace. This service is provided by iFlyChat.
  • Birforum: Simple forum built for communication. It is a plugin known as bbpress.
  • Birdesk: An amazing remote desktop, KODCloud. It is not recommanded because all the functions are available in Bircloud and  Biroffice. However the editor in Birdesk is efficient to use.
  • Biroffice: An online collaborate platform based on DzzOffice.
  • Birabcden: You can run SCFT simulation programs of linear dendritic tri-polymers online can get your result and graphs. It relys on a ngrok service to connect to a device in a local area network environment and run the python script based on flask.
  • Birproxy: Access blocked websites.

Thank you for being here.


Danyang Chen