Hi! Welcome to birfied.com.

While you are viewing these articles, there are also some interesting services for you to use. You can access them from the menu on the top of this page.

  • Birmail: A mail client to connect a mail ended with birfied.com, which is provided by Tencent. The client is based on rainloop
  • Birpy: A online python IDE based on Jupyter Notebook, which is a part of the project of Anaconda. You can run python online or read the learning resources. Matplotlib plots can be used as  embled pictures.
  • Birgit: A self-hosted git service based on Gogs. You can upload your projects or create a repository and share with your friends. It is written in the go language thus it is run on the 3000 port of the server, but you can clone a project on git.birfied.com/yourname/yourproject since a path forwarding of the subdomain is configured.
  • Bircloud: A cloud service based on owncloud. Connection to local disk is available. Online document editting and media playing is available.
  • Birchat: Chat with other users on birfispace. This service is provided by iFlyChat.
  • Birforum: Simple forum built for communication. It is a plugin known as bbpress.
  • Birdesk: An amazing remote desktop, KODCloud. It is not recommanded because all the functions are available in Bircloud and  Biroffice. However the editor in Birdesk is efficient to use.
  • Biroffice: An online collaborate platform based on DzzOffice.
  • Birabcden: You can run SCFT simulation programs of linear dendritic tri-polymers online can get your result and graphs. It relys on a ngrok service to connect to a device in a local area network environment and run the python script based on flask.
  • Birproxy: Access blocked websites.

Hope you have fun with my articles and these cool services.

Good luck!